2009 Performers


Sandy Brechin and Ronan Martin Our International Act 2009
Sandy (accordion) and Ronan (fiddle), two well known musicians in the Scottish Traditional music scene have toured together for over 10 years. Ronans strong rythmic style combines well with Sandys jazzy electric playing resulting in breath taking performances.
Popular the world over, we are excited to have them on board in 2009

Vic Jeffries
One of the best known "bush poet", organisers and presenters of the ever popular "poets Breakfasts" on the scene today.
His poems will have meaning and wit and are sure to have you laughing and maybe even shed a tear.
Vic will present a "Poets Breakfast" and a workshop for beginners, full of handy tips on writing and presenting poetry. Sunday morning....check the programme for times.

Amazing 5 piece band from W.A. playing Argentinian Tango and captivating Gypsy melodies.
We know our audience will be knocked out by their energetic performances. Zigatango will kick start the Festival on the Verandah at the Pier Hotel Friday around 3pm

Tabasco Tom and Chris White
A jazz tinged, acoustic country blues duo who will have you tapping your feet and smiling on the inside.
Great arrangements of classic tunes and authentic sounding original songs.
Tunes from New orleans, the Appalachians, to Chicago and Memphis.
Tom and Chris will take part in the music on the Street programme Saturday morning outside Heritage Hotel around 11am.

Carmel Charlton
Country and folk singer songwriter, Carmel Charlton, will perform her beautiful songs in concert, run a childrens workshop and the Gospel singers workshop.
A gorgeous voice and powerful lyrics..Dont miss her. Keep an eye out for the Gospel singing workshop participants may get to sing at the finale......Carmels call.

Ange Takats
National Folk Festival winner of the 2008 Lis Johnston Award for vocal excellence, Ange Takats voice has been described as Joan BaeZ meets Gillian Welch. Her songs tell stories of knitting, longing and lovely irishmen.
Ange has performed at major Festivals all over the country. We are proud to have Ange here in 2009.

Acoustic Elements
An instrumental acoustic duo featuring Scott Jolley and Brendan Wright.
One moment you are in Ireland then you're off to a wild west showdown-Its awsome.
We are proud to introduce the boys to the Tassie Festival scene.

Vince Brophy
Dublin born singer songwriter, Vince brings his Irish heritage along with his own beautiful lyrics and tunes.
Vince has performed Internationally and right across Australia.
Vince is well known in George Town and this year he is performing his one man play, entitled "postcards from George Town"
performed in the Bass and Flinders Centre in Elizabeth St.home of the Norfolk replica ship Sat. 11.30.....a stunning backdrop for this concert. Approx 60 mins.
Based on Vinces time in our community as Artist in Residence 2000. Featuring his recorded songs of this experience. Catch Vince also at a concert. Chris Atwell will make a guest appearance during Vinces show.

Margie Brophy
Margie is part of the touring Molly and Jack childrens entertainment duo.
This year Margie will read stories using her gorgeous hand made puppets.
A trained teacher and wonderful childrens entertainer. Adults and children will love her....We do.

Brian O'Neill
Brian is well known throughout the folk scene, having spent time in The Northern Territory and W.A., now living in Tasmania. We are delighted to welcome Brian to our Festival. He will sing all your favourite Irish tunes at a concert and hopefully join us at a session.

Danny Spooner
Danny has been with our Festival since day one and we look forward to his performance every year.
Sea chanties and stories, his highly acclaimed performance will bring a smile and sometimes a tear but always well received.
Welcome back Danny.

New Holland Honey Eaters
Stan Gottschalk, Rebecca Gottschalk, Steve Ray and Jane Ray.
A themed concert on Sunday morning entitled "On the Air" The story of Early Country Radio.
Music, slides and recordings.
The second half will be a reproduction of a live to air radio broadcast from the 1930s.
Ask anyone who has ever been a production by the New Holland Honey Eaters. Simply stunning work.

Mr. Sister
Mel Robinson, singer cellist, songwriter and arranger,with Stever Richer, pianist, multi-percussinist.
Fresh and engaging, down to earth and bubbling with creative brilliance.
A melting pot of haunting, evocative sounds and beautiful melodies.

Russell Johnson
Our Wandering Minstrel for the weekend.
Playing the hurdy Gurdy in costume.
Russell is sure to keep the street lively on Saturday and at various venues as he sees fit..
Looking forward to Russells contribution this year.

Alex Myers
Alex lives in Launceston is a favourite of our festival.
This year Alex will perform a mini concert with Malcom Turnbull and Neil Gardener. Songs of the 60s and 70s. Pure Nostalgia.
Alex likes to invite her friends to join her concert and it is sure to be a real audience pleaser.
keep an eye on our programme for more details, this concert will be held at the Yacht Club..Such a lovely venue on the water.

Loren Kate
Loren has been awarded best emerging artist of 2008 and we agree.
Her cool laid back performance will delight and her songs will impress.
Loren has performed with some of Australias best known artists. Welcome to Tassie Loren.

The Craggs
A four piece Tasmanian acoustic folk band with a contemporary sound.
Their music is infused with gentle,driving rythms and rich instrumental harmonies.
Their songs are inspired by the Tasmanaian landscape and its culture as well as journeys overseas.

Sean Roche
Hails from Cork now resides in W.A.
Sean is regarded as one of the finest Irish ballad singers in Australia.
Catch Sean at a concert or you are sure to hear him at a session. Great fun.

Rab Mitchell
Comes from Edinburgh and was a regular to our Festival in the early days.
Welcome back Rab, only if you sing Jock Stewart..........
A fine performer, one we remember with affection and its great to have him back.

Mick Flanagan
Needs no indtroduction to most folkies.
Founder of our Festival. Mick lives in George Town.
A great exponent of Irish traditional song and writer of many originals.
Mick has many friends and they will all join him in a session...be there.

Kerrie Maguire and Marg Walters
Two talented and respected singers.
Marg loves the Aussie traditional songs especially those with a maritime content.
Kerries rich melodious voice performed best unacompanied will enrich any singing session and her own compositions are hauntingly beautiful.

Brian and Phylis Mooney
Great duo singing traditional songs of Ireland.
Brian released a couple of LPs in the 60s and spent 20 years in Ireland performing with Irelands greats.
A talented musician and artist. Living in Launceston, a hero of the Folk scene.

Morris Dancers
Tasmanian Dance troupe will entertain us with their live music and of course bells, on Saturday in the Street

Sheik Charmers Dance Group
Belly Dancing for beginners at a workshop.
Catch their performance beforehand on Saturday in the street.
Should be fun.

Seamus Gill
Will delight audiences with his songs and wit.
A poet, compere, singer and organiser. A very talented man indeed.

Traditional Scottish band sure to get your feet tapping.
A great twin fiddle sound from Kate Scott and Mark Jenner, with Niall Howe on keyboard.
Kate is well known to our festival and runs a great fiddle workshop.

Wendy Ealey
A beautiful voice and distinctive entertaining act.
Singing and writing songs for several years, Wendy is involved in fostering song writing talent in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Welcome back to George Town Wendy.

Phil Beck
From W.A, Phil is well known to our Festival and performs English folk songs.
Catch Phil at a concert or singing session.
A great entertainer.

Ned Trewartha
From the Huon Channel, Ned will lead the Aussie singing sessions at the Pier and perform on stage.
Great to have Ned back this year.

Malcom Turnbull
Malcoms music has been described as gentle and introspective.
Often teams up with Alex Myers at the Festival.
Malcom likes to perform Tasmanian songs.

Dave O connor
Great to see Dave back on the music scene in Tassie.
An actor, singer/songwriter, Dave has performed at Folk Festivals all over Australia.

Neil Gardner
Tasmanian singer/songwriter showcasing his talent at a concert on Saturday and will perform with Alex Myers at her mini-concert.
Very talented performer.

Mike Manhire and Kerry Cantly
Mike plays and sings traditional English folk tunes and songs.Kerry sings mostly Aussie and Irish.
This year they will team up ........cant wait to see what they put together.

Bottom Pub Ceilidh Band
A long and flexible line up of local talent make up this band.
They have played for many years at bush dances around the North.
Come along to the dance Saturday early evening. Always good family fun.