2010 Performers


Kavisha Mazzella
Aria award winner. Kavisha will take you on a musical journey never to be forgotten. A hauntingly beautiful voice with a wonderful stage presence, Kavisha sings in English and Italian.
Traditional and original  contemporary songs, inspired by kavisha’s rich cultural heritage.
Kavisha will be our choir master this year. Come along and join the fun.

Lucie Thorne
One of Australia’s finest singer songwriters, Lucie hails from Tassie.
Exquisite songs, beautifully performed. A really 'cool' performerer with great stage presence and accompanies herself very well on guitar.
Lucie has a great connection with her audience.

Wendy Ealey, Moira Tyers and Neil Robertson are three individual singer / songwriters
who come together as  Unsung, performing engaging contemporary music that makes
you think, laugh, cry and dance. Three unique voices, acoustic guitars, fiddle and mandolin.
Great songs and huge vocal harmonies.

Siobhan Owen
Siobhan is a classical /Celtic singer and harpist, who recently received the 2009 SA Folk Award for “Most outstanding emerging artist”.
Siobhan captivates audiences with her haunting renditions of traditional songs form Wales, Ireland and Scotland. A wonderful young performer.

John Lavery & Malcolm Turnbull
Currently living and working in Melbourne, John and Malcolm are both veterans of the Tasmanian Folk scene of the 1960’s &70’s. Performing solo and together, John and Malcolm specialize in such fondly remembered songs of the era as John’s ‘Wizard of Winter’ and ‘Forest Song’ or Neil Gardener’s
‘Goodness how the years have flown’. You may remember John from Finnegan’s wake and Malcolm from Malcolm & Friends.

Bob Sharp
"A wandering minstrel” who headed east then north to south thru’central west.
Bob’s diverse journey is reflected in his spirited eclectic style, an impressive mix of original songs, together with blues ragtime and folk, both traditional and contemporary played adeptly on his well travelled Lowden guitar.

Scott Balfour
Started singing in 1971 mostly through the Alice Springs Folk Club, was a founder member of the tenant Creek folk Club and has played many performances at the Darwin Club.
Scott will join Sean Roche, Phil Beck and Paul Stewart to perform a themed concert this year.   ‘Outsiders, Loners and Drifters’.

Paul Stewart
Associated with folk music since the 1960’s, Paul presents workshops/presentations at festivals including the National.  For the past 10 years Paul has presented themed concerts with subjects ranging from trains, American cow boys, whimsy and nonsense.
This year Paul will join Sean Roche, Phil Beck, Scott Balfour to perform a themed concert ‘Outsiders, Loners and Drifters’

Seagrass is an all original Tasmanian bluegrass band that have been together since 2006 to create a different sound. Their goal is to develop a sound that is uniquely Seagrass. Their style of music is best described as a merge of acoustic blues and traditional bluegrass. The songs are original pieces that combine vocal harmonies with some very melodic (and tricky!) guitar/mandolin styles.

Richard Perso
A 17 yr old singer songwriter, from Yackandandah in North-East Victoria.
Sitting with his acoustic guitar on a stomp-box with a drum pedal under his left foot and a tambourine under his right, Richard belts out original tunes as well as numbers from a wide range of artists.
He has 2 pickups in his 12 string with one connected to an old valve Marshall amp and the other through the PA. Harmonica, didgeridoo and rich deep vocals round out the performance. This is a dynamic one man band full of energy with amazing guitar solos.

Nick Charles
Nick Charles has been a performing and touring acoustic musician for over 25 years on the Australian and international acoustic music scene. Averaging over 200 shows a year from Perth to Sydney and LA to Kansas City - including many major guitar, folk, blues and jazz festivals - the eclectic nature of Nick’s music continues to delight and captivate his audiences. Nick will also run a guitar workshop at the festival.

Steve Turner
Visiting from the UK, Steve Turner is universally acclaimed as one of Britain's finest Folk singers. Critics and audiences are also effusive about his fine concertina playing. Steve Turner will draw you in with his powerful renditions of English Folk songs. This is a deeply traditional vocal art form delivered by a recognised master. Steve's cd, 'The Whirligig of Time', has been widely hailed in the U.K. press as one of the year best traditional recordings.

Margie Brophy
Margie is part of the touring Molly and Jack childrens entertainment duo.
This year Margie will read stories using her gorgeous hand made puppets.
A trained teacher and wonderful childrens entertainer. Adults and children will love her....We do.

Vince Brophey with BMcB
Vince Brophy is joined by Cora Brown and Toni McDonald to perform as BMcB, a great band full of energy, great guitar and strings combined with fantastic vocals and harmony. Vince is a regular performer in George Town and sings of his experience meeting and recording stories of local people and history. Cora on vocals and guitar, Toni on vocals and fiddle.

Danny Spooner
Danny has been with our Festival since day one and we look forward to his performance every year.
Sea chanties and stories, his highly acclaimed performance will bring a smile and sometimes a tear but always well received.

The Craggs
A four piece Tasmanian acoustic folk band with a contemporary sound.
Their music is infused with gentle,driving rythms and rich instrumental harmonies.
Their songs are inspired by the Tasmanaian landscape and its culture as well as journeys overseas.

Sean Roche
Hails from Cork now resides in W.A.
Sean is regarded as one of the finest Irish ballad singers in Australia.
Catch Sean at a concert or you are sure to hear him at a session. Great fun .Sean will perform with Phil Beck, Scott Balfour and Paul Stewart in the themed concert,' Outsiders, Loners and Drifters'.

Mick Flanagan
Needs no indtroduction to most folkies.
Founder of our Festival. Mick lives in George Town.
A great exponent of Irish traditional song and writer of many originals.
Mick has many friends and they will all join him in a session...be there.

Malcolm Broooks
Specialising in the reportoires of singers/songwriters Clark, Bob Dylan,
Townes Van Zandt and Tasmania’s Ray Singline, Malcolm also has a collection of his own work., his finger picking style will delight the audience.

Richard (Skreitch) Leitch
Our Poet for 2010.   Skreitch is well known to the Tamar Valley  Folk Festival.
We last saw him in 2005 and look forward to hearing those great yarns and poems.
Skreitch will host the Poet’s breakfast on Sunday and run a children’s workshop.
We hope to hear him recite at a Concert on Saturday.

Acoustic Elements
Scott Jolley and Brendan Wright, two Victorian guitarists made their festival debut at Tamar Valley Folk Festival and received an encore and rave reviews……….We thought they should return in 2010.  The boys tell us they have been getting gigs since last festival and we are proud to have them back.  Awesome talent.  Don’t miss these two.

New Holland Honey Eaters
Stan Gottschalk, Rebecca Gottschalk, Steve Ray and Jane Ray specialize in the broad musical traditions (mostly pre-1945) from the rural southeastern United States – including Anglo-Celtic and Afro-American traditional music, minstrelsy, ragtime. Tin Pan Alley tunes and songs, rural hymnody, Cajun music, gospel and jug band music. This year they will perform a revised presentation of “On the Air”, the story of early Country Radio. Check them out on Sunday, fantastic show.

Dennis O’Keefe
A great singer / songwriter, teacher, whose original works will make you think, laugh and sometimes cry.   Dennis loves to sing our wonderful traditional Australian songs.   He will launch his book at the Festival, ‘The creation of Waltzing Matilda’.  By many he is considered the nations leading authority on the origins of the song. Dennis will run Aussie song sessions, perform his own work and also a children's singing workshop.

Mem and Dennis Taberner
Mem and Dennis have been singing together for many years. Recreating the atmosphere of their kitchen as they tell stories through “oldies but goodies” in the folk tradition, the aim of Mem and Tab’s music.
Dennis will also run a Banjo workshop at the festival covering topics of tuning, right handed techniques using the capo, with songs to illustrate. Check the programme for details.

Alex Myers
Alex lives in Launceston is a favourite of our festival.
Alex likes to invite her friends to join her concert and it is sure to be a real audience pleaser.
keep an eye on our programme for more details, this concert will be held at the Yacht Club..Such a lovely venue on the water.

Ian Paulin
Ian has a great repertoire of original songs and will cover a variety of Genres. Ian will perform at the Pier concert on Saturday afternoon and slso run a children’s workshop, "Lightning Theatre for Kids" Saturday at 11 a.m Memorial Hall Complex. This fun session packs in a wealth of Theatre Sport style and Theatre Impro games that will fire the imagination.

Brian and Phylis Mooney
Great duo singing traditional songs of Ireland.
Brian released a couple of LPs in the 60s and spent 20 years in Ireland performing with Irelands greats.
A talented musician and artist. Living in Launceston, a hero of the Folk scene.

Morris Dancers
Tasmanian Dance troupe will entertain us with their live music and of course bells, on Saturday in the Street

Sheik Charmers Dance Group
Belly Dancing for beginners at a workshop. Catch their performance beforehand on Saturday in the street.
Should be fun.

Phil Beck
From W.A, Phil is well known to our Festival and performs English folk songs.
Catch Phil at a concert or singing session. Phil will join Sean, Paul and Stewart to perform 'Outsiders, Loners and Drifters. A great entertainer.

Neil Gardner
A legend of the Tasmanian folk scene, Neil is a great singer songwriter. Last year Neil worked with Alex Myers in the Pure Nostalgia workshop. Catch Neil at a concert on Saturday. Neil has a new CD, watch out for this over the weekend.

One of Australias hottest young instrumental groups, Takidimi emerged out of the Australian Institute of Music. A 6 piece fusion ensemble that blends Indian, jazz and Celtic elements. Their music will take you around the world and beyond.

Daniel Brauchli & Kate Case
An acoustic vocal and instrumental duo from Launceston. Rich vocals and wonderful harmonies together with Daniels guitar and slide virtuosity combine to create a powerful musical experience. Daniel is well known for his making and playing acoustic guitars and other instruments.

Dave O'Connor
Great to see Dave back on the music scene in Tassie.
An actor, singer/songwriter, Dave has performed at Folk Festivals all over Australia.

Mike Manhire
Mike plays and sings traditional English folk tunes and songs.Catch Mike in the street on Saturday or at a concert or pub session.

Bottom Pub Ceilidh Band
A long and flexible line up of local talent make up this band.
They have played for many years at bush dances around the North.
Come along to the dance Saturday early evening. Always good family fun.