2012 Programme


Thursday 12th

12.00-3pm & Friday 13th 9.00-12noon







Children’s Songwriting/Music/Art Workshop - Dennis & Mem Taberner - York Cove Centre - Sorrell Street (formerly Senior Citizens)

This workshop will guide children in developing a theme related to George Town.  There will be a song writing group that will write a song based on the theme and the art group will design and produce props which will illustrate the theme and act as a simple set during the performance of the song at the Final Concert on Sunday 15th January at 12.30 p.m.  Students in Grades 5-8 welcome. 

There is a limit of 10 places so please book by contacting Glenda Lodge on 0429 020 451.


Friday 13th





Children’s ‘I SPY A CLUE’ – Jack and Molly - Bass and Flinders Centre

Come along and help Jack and Molly solve the problem of finding the key for the treasure box. Are you good at working out clues left in a bottle next to the chest? Well, your help is needed to open the treasure chest. What will be inside? Gold? Jewels? Lollies? Jack and Molly need recruits from 3-8 years.






MESSUPS PUPPETS – Memorial Hall (new section)

The Messups Puppets have been entertaining families for over 20 years throughout Australia and overseas. This isn’t a “sit down and watch” show, it’s a “get up and join in” show with no yawning allowed! Kids will love the games, prizes and whacky puppet antics and Mum and Dad singing along to the rock ‘n’ roll classics.




Welcome session at The Pier Hotel









Welcome Concert - RSL Club

Sea Grass
Bruce Watson
Penny Larkins and Carl Pannuzzo

Acoustic Elements
Scott Balfour
Tobasco Tom and Doc White

(Sets 35 minutes)


Saturday 14th

10am - Noon



Music in the Street - Macquarie Street

Meet our performers in and around the cafe's and shops. Join in the fun as you explore George Town.






Themed Concert - Yacht Club

Alex Myers presents - "MORE TALES OF ALBION - Stories of sacred wells, standing stones, white horses, mermaids, and magic, from all over the British Isles.".







MESSUPS PUPPETS - Memorial Hall (new section)

The Messup Puppets have been entertaining families for over 20 years throughout Australia and overseas.  This isn’t a “sit down and watch” show, it’s a “get up and join in” show with no yawning allowed!  Kids will love the games, prizes and whacky puppet antics and Mum and Dad singing along to the rock ‘n’ roll classics.





Violin Maker – Memorial Hall (New Hall – back section)

Adam Edwards display of musical instruments – Open all Saturday.







Tales from the courtyard – Belle’s Tea Room Macquarie St.

Mem and Dennis Taberner will entertain with songs and stories from their rich collection.

Their workshop was a smash hit last year . Entry by purchase of drinks and or food.










Themed Concert - Bass & Flinders Centre

Tales Of Ceremony, Ritual and Magic - A presentation by a group of regular Tamar Valley Festival performers. We will present songs, with a few recitations and tunes as well, from the British Isles, that were sung for centuries by the people and have remained in the "folk memory". They celebrate tales of annual events, ceremonial occasions and magical customs to promote good harvests, fertility and favour from the gods. Tales, too, of mythical animals and magical beliefs from the days when people lived closer to the earth than we do today. Mostly traditional items but will include one or more later songs written in the tradition. Plus, of course, some commentary between. Michael Manhire with Kerry Cantlay, Kerrie Maguire, Margaret Walters, Danny Spooner,Stan Gottschalk.






Music session - RSL

Mick Flanagan will join his friends for a lively session in the bar.

All welcome, be sure to bring your instruments.






Children's Workshop - Hall Kitchen

Margie's Kitchen - A workshop where children of all ages create Pasta. Mix,roll,cut,then eat the pasta with yummy sauces!

Bookings at office- this is a very popular workshop. Free entry.








Diner's Concert - Pier Hotel

Bob Sharp
Folk Train
Brian Mooney
Acoustic Elements
Brian O’neill

(Sets 30 minutes )

* Enjoy great music with lunch. May be a good idea to book a table.





Belly Dance Workshop - Memorial Hall Complex

Sheik Charmers Dance Troupe




Session at the Pier Hotel Verandah









Concert - York Cove Centre (Senior Citz)

Unsung Heroes of Australian History

Moira Tyers, Bruce Watson, Stephen Sharpe, Wendy Ealey
*Unsung Heroes of Australian History *is an exciting and innovative musical
production which examines people and events in Australia’s history from
European settlement right up to the present day. So many people have
quietly made their mark and helped to form this fortunate nation.

(Duration 2 hours with a break.)







Festival Choir - Practice - New Hall

Singers required!

Penny and Carl  will lead the choir this year. Come and join us in song and perform at the Final Concert on Sunday.

No charge for this workshop but entry ticket to Sunday Concert required.




Accoustic Chalkboard Concert - Bass & Flinders Centre







Regional Youth Encouragement Award Concert - Memorial Hall

The winner of each section will perform at the final concert on Sunday.

Guest appearance by Slings & Arrows & Scott Haigh.

***Come Along and show your support for our Regional Youth***







Ukelele Workshop for beginners of all ages - New Hall

Joy Coates

The ukulele is taking the world by storm. Come join Joy for a workshop designed for absolute beginners. You don’t need to be able to read music or have any previous instrumental experience. By the end of the workshop YOU WILL be playing! Some ukuleles provided, but bring your own if you have one.











Themed Concert - Yacht Club

Phil Beck & Paul Stewart: Towards a New Frontier.

A workshop dealing with struggle, social change and industrial unrest in England and America. With the generous assistance of a few mates – Scott Balfour, Stan Gottschalk, Danny Spooner and Bob Sharp – Phil and Paul present a program of traditional and ‘folk idiom’ songs related to significant social, economic and political issues in the old and new world nations between the Napoleonic and First World Wars.  The historians of that century of seismic social change, encompassing political unrest in England, civil war in America and the agricultural and industrial revolutions, recount what people did; the songs indicate how they felt. This is a program of simple, honest music that packs an extraordinary emotional punch, often with messages that sadly are as relevant today as they were then. Duration 2 hrs.






Family Dance - Memorial Hall Complex

Bottom Pub Ceilidh Band . A friendly and informal dance where children are welcome to join in.

*Children free with adult









Saturday Evening Concert - Memorial Hall

Slings and Arrows
New Holland Honey Eaters
Lucie Thorne and Hamish Stuart

Papa Chango
Folk Train
Fred Smith
Tobasco Tom and Doc White

(Sets 35 minutes)










Saturday Evening Concert - York Cove Centre (Senior Citizen's Club)

Dennis and Mem Taberner
Tim Thorne – Festival Poet (15 mins)
Scott Haigh (20 Mins)
Vince Brophy and Cora Browne

The Tribesman & The Dub
Acoustic Elements
Blue Mosquitoes

(Sets 35 minutes unless otherwise stated)



Sunday 15th





Poet's Breakfast - Memorial Hall (Supper Room)

Tim Thorne will lead the breakfast. Poets are welcome to recite, in a very encouraging atmosphere. Very affordable breakfast provided by the George Town Scouts Assoc.










Themed Concert - York Cove Centre (Senior Citizen's Club)

New Holland Honey Eaters

'Don't Touch That Dial' starts with a brief musical history of how the radio
facilitated the change of traditional rural music into a commercial Don't Touch That Dial: Early Radio and the Making of Country Music product. The Band then transports you right back to 1938, where the four staff of station WYOY are delivering a "live-to-air" segment of its successful 'barn dance' radio show while portraying all the on-air guests themselves. They keep up constant radio chat while changing instruments and personas, managing a dash of country comedy, and working the sound effects board as they greet and farewell their 'guests'. You are guaranteed to be both informed and entertained.









Ewan McColl Workshop - Yacht Club

Danny Spooner and Phil Beck will present a memorial to Ewan MacColl one of the central figures in the Folk Revival of the 1950s and 60s and one of the greatest contibutors to the contemporary folk song repertoire of the British Isles. Whether loved or hated MacColl could not be ignored and few singers of any repute do not have a MacColl song or two in their repertoire. A singer of traditional and contemporary folksongs, an actor, a writer and a life long supporter of working class issues and struggles MacColl has be called "...a collosus who bestrode the folk scene". This workshop will look at just a small part of his contribution to folk song.







Children’s Concert – New Hall

Bruce Watson – Are we There Yet?

Full of antics and songs about vampires, pirates, hippopotamuseseseses and the eternal question.

Are we there yet?







Concert - Bass & Flinders Centre

David O’Connor and Rose Harvey.
Joy Coates

Vince Brophy & Cora Browne
Neil Gardner
Rybuck Sheilas

(Sets 35 minutes)





Uniting Church – Goulburn Street

Folk Service - All Welcome - Chalkboard from 10:30





Guitar Workshop - Memorial Hall (new hall)

Acoustic Elements . Head to the New Hall for this terrific learning and sharing experience - With Brendan & Scott.









Farewell Concert - Memorial Hall

Presentation from the Children's Workshop with Mem & Dennis Taberner
Youth Encouragement Award Winners

Danny Spooner - MC

Peter Hicks, Mat Woolley and Annie Parsell
Lucie Thorne and Hamish Stuart
Fred Smith

Blue Mosquitoes
Phil Beck
Penny Larkins and Carl Pannuzzo with the Festival Choir

(Sets 35 minutes)




Aussie Singing Session - Pier Hotel Verandah





Session at The Pier Hotel

Join us for a great session and say farewell to new and old friends of the festival until next year.