2016 Programme

Friday 15th

12:00 pm

Festival Office open- Memorial Hall Macquarie St.

Online ticket sales: Please bring your official ticket with you to collect your wristband

Weekend tickets take you in to all Events. Day tickets - all events on that day.

Camping available. Please phone 0407313103 to reserve your site.

3:00 pm

Welcome session at The Pier Hotel.


7:00 pm

Welcome Concert - Memorial Hall

Bar in Supper Room opens 6.30

MC- Phil Beck

Dave Steel and Tiffany Eckhardt

Louey Hesterman and the Whimsy Band

loren Kate


Eric Bogle & Peter Titchener

Alanna and Alicia

Danny Widdecombe

Door Sales $20




Saturday 16th

Breakfast by George Town Lions - Memorial Hall Supper Room 8-10 am

10 am - 12:00 pm

Music in the Street - Macquarie Street

Meet our performers in and around the cafe's and shops. Join in the fun as you explore George Town and get a taste of the Festival. All musicians welcome to join in.

We have booked acts from this programme! Don't be shy.


10:15 am

The Irish Love to sing - A themed Concert

Presented by

Cora and the Crop Boys.( Cora Browne, Vince Brophy and Felix Meagher)

York Cove Centre ( Senior Citz) Sorell St.

The Story of Irish / Australian song, lives forever in our hearts

Featuring some of Irelands most memorable songs. New arrangements and contemporary songs. If you love The Fields of Athenry, Black is the Colour, the Holy Ground, and love to hear new exciting songs like We Must Away, then don't miss this show.

Door Sales $15








10:30 am

Fun for Children in the Park with Tina Sparkles and her assistant Miss Margie

Stories, games and fun in our beautiful Park

Meet at the Band Stand Regent Square


10: 30 am

Percy Grainger - Genius or nut case?- Themed Concert

Presented by Danny Spooner and Phil Beck

Graham Fairless Hall ( in the Memorial Hall Complex)

Danny and phil will look at aspects of the life of this amazing Australian who pioneered the collection of folksongs using an Edison Wax Cylinder recording machine, though he had never heard a traditional folksong until he went to live in Europe and studied piano and composition.


Door Sales $15


The Sun , Moon, Stars, Wind and Rain - A themed concert by Alex Myers

Bass and Flinders Centre Elizabeth St.( Key 4 on your map)

The Folklore of the Weatherwise. With so many people talking about climate change, it is good to know that there is traditional weather lore which has been passed down through the centuries. From planting beans to predicting storms, this is folklore at its most useful.

Door Sales $15

*The cafe coffee machine will not be in use during performance.

12 noon


Margies Kitchen - Cooking fun for Kids

Kitchen - Memorial Hall,( off Supper room)

Margie will have the kids cooking in the Kitchen

Parents most welcome.

Please fill in permission, allergy and dietry info at the office before 12.


12:15 pm

Belly Dance Workshop - Miasma Belly Dancers

Graham Fairless Centre - Memorial Hall


You will see the Miasma Troupe in the Street. Come along and learn how to Belly Dance!

Entry $10


12:00 pm


Tony newport on the Verandah - Pier Hotel

Also Music in the Dining Room - Diners only . Sarah and Silas

1:00 pm

Singing Session at the Pier Hotel


12.45 pm

The Common Soldier - A themed Concert

Presented by Phil Beck, Paul Stewart, Danny Spooner, Bob Sharp, Scotty Balfour and Don Bruce

York Cove Centre - Sorell St. (key 5 on your map)

A muscial journey through the various theatres of war as they explore, in slide, verse and song, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune hurled at the humble soldier.

From being treated as cannon fodder by Colonel Blimp; being generally reviled by all and sundry (until the band begins to play that is) and countless other indignities endured by poor old Tommy Atkins in his quest to serve King and Coutnry

Door Sales $15


1:30 pm

Festival Choir - Practice - Graham Fairless Hall

Tiffany Eckhardt will lead the Choir this year.

Singers required! Open to everyone who loves singing.

Come join in the fun! We present the songs at the final concert Sunday.

Please bring a pen and paper.

No charge for this workshop but entry ticket to Sunday Concert required.



2.30 pm

Eric Bogle in Concert - Memorial Hall


Eric Bogle and Peter Titchener

Concert opened by Jacob and Laura

The Tamar Valley Folk Festival is delighted to Welcome Eric back to George Town.

On line weekend ticket sales, ensure a reserved front section seat at this concert.


Door Sales $30

Online tickets receive a reserved seat at this concert.









7:00 pm

Family Dance - Memorial Hall Complex

Bottom Pub Ceilidh Band . A friendly and informal dance where children are welcome to join in.

Door Sales $12

*Children free with adult


7:00 pm

Saturday Evening Concert - Memorial Hall


Paper Souls

Danny Widdecombe

Slow Cooked Goats


The Craggs

Loren Kate

Luke Tooze

(Sets 35 minutes)

Bar opens in Supper Room 6.30

Door Sales $20

7:00 pm

Saturday Evening Concert - York Cove Centre- Sorell St. (key code 5 on map)

Scott Haigh

Louey Hesterman and the Whimsy Band

Tony newport & Friends


Alanna and Alicia

Lee Nelson and Rose Harvey

Jacob and Laura

(Sets 35 minutes)

Tea and coffee available- gold coin donation

Door Sales $20



Sunday 17th

Breakfast in the Memorial Hall Supper Room by George Town Lions 8-10am

9:00 am

Poet's Breakfast - Memorial Hall (Supper Room)

Tim Thorne, our Festival Poet 2016 will host the breakfast this year.

Come along and present your poem or dine in and enjoy the poetry.

Special thanks to George Town Lions Club for preparing and selling our breakfast at such a reasonable cost.


10:00 am

The WYOY Southern Melody Hour - Themed Concert

Presented by the New Holland Honey Eaters

York Cove Centre Sorell St. (key code 5 on your map)

Wind back your radio to the 1930's. Back to the early days of broadcast country music during the great Depression. The band takes on the personas of four staff member of mythical small Southern radio station WYOY. It is the late 1930's , and the station is delivering its weekly 'barn dance' radio show. But , unbeknownst to their audience, money is so short that our four intrepid station staff are force to portray all the on -air guests themselves.

Door Sales $15


10:30 am

Music, Song and Puppets - A Fun concert for Children

presented by Joy Coates

Graham Fairless Hall - Memorial Hall


Parents and children free.


11. am

Themed Concert - The Fatal Shore

presented by

Malcolm Turnbull , John Lavery and a very impressive cast of performers to be announced

Bass and Flinders Centre , Elizabeth St.

A concert that recalls Tasmania's colonial beginnings. A mix of ballads, laments and satires - some traditional, some more recent (by the likes of Lyell Sayer, John Warner, Kenneth Cook, Peter Hicks, Vince Brophy and Neil Gardner, together with a 'bit of historical commentry'

Door Sales $15

*Cafe coffee machine not in use during performance




Up Close and Personal with Loren Kate

11 am in the Supper Room Memorial Hall

An informal workshop/chat for interested in Songwriting

approx 45-60 mins



Music in the Park

Danny Widdecombe

Take a moment to sit on the grass!

Grab some food and drink and join us in the park for some music and entertainment

The Bandstand Area. Bring a rug.

All welcome to join in


1:00 pm

Singing Session - Pier Hotel Verandah


1:30 pm

Farewell Concert - Memorial Hall

The Van Diememen's Band

Luke Tooze

Cora and The Crop Boys


The Craggs

Tim Thorne - Poet ( 15 mins)

The Festival Choir with Tiffany Eckhardt (15-20 mins)

Farewell by Danny Spooner


All sets 35 mins unless otherwise specified

Door Sales $20



Session at The Pier Hotel

Join us for a great session to celebrate and say farewell to new and old friends of the festival.