2017 Performers





Shane Howard Trio

Shane Howard AM is an Australian Singer -Songwriter and guitarist, he was the mainstay of folk rock group Goanna which had hits with "Solid Rock" and "Let the Franklin Flow". Shane will be joined by John Hudson on Guitar,Dobro, Ewen Baker on Fiddle, Mandolin. Their latest CD Deeper South, redifines the boundaries of Australian folk music, reinvigorating it with a fusion of traditions, rich with poetic and muscial mastery. The musical influences are as diverse as jazz, blues,country,Australian folkmusic and the deep well of traditional Celtic music. Howard's voice is deep and moving, a highlight being Hymn to love.


Lucie Thorne

Lauded for writing "some of the most simple and beautiful songs you will hear" (The Age), Lucie has earned her place as one of Australia's most striking contemporary songsmiths. With eleven releases to her name including her latest LP Everything Sings tonight and a prodigious touring schedule both here and abroad,Lucie Thorne continues to carve out and extraordinary creative career. Poetry in Motion.







Velvet Sledgehammer

Delighting audiences throughout south-eastern Australia for over half a decade, Velvet Sledgehammer is an entertaining assemblage of diverse musical individuals. Jesse McCormack, Kerrie Maguire and Matthew Dames. They released their debut EP 'Singing Their Choices in 2016. Stunning and Refreshing.

Kerrie Maguire will be lead our 2017 Festival Choir. All singers invited to attend- the more the merrier! We perform at the Final Concert on Sunday 22nd. Rehearsal Sat. keep an eye out for the programme.


Royal High Jinx

Gypsy Jazz and a pinch of classical virtuosity inspired by European Traditions. Spectacular wardrobe combining dapper suits and burlesque exuberance. Sarah Busuttil, Silas Palmer, Jen Hawley and Terry Cole. Experience a stage of colour as they showcase their finest violin, guitars &keysplaying and driving worldbeat sound. Guaranteed to have your heart beating and your toes tapping.






Barry Skipsey

Presents an unique Audio Visual, "The Red Centre Show" a 90-minute journey through the very heart of the Nation, without leaving your seat. Born on King Island, Skipsey now sails the inland sea, as a resident of Alice Springs, NT. This award winning Australian Geographic Photographer knows better than most, the colours and contours, it’s flora and fauna and the resilient, humorous character of those living and working in outback Australia. At the same time, as a Singer-Songwriter, his lyrics convey his passion for life at the "End of the Bitumen". Featuring more than 400 of his stunning and vibrant images, those who know his work, say that every picture is a full-throated song. A performance not to be missed.




Nice Verdes

Nice Verdes have been performing since 2003. They have extensively toured Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Europe and Guatemala. Nice Verdes are always on some kind of adventure in search of new inspiration and music. Their music is refreshing, uplifting and sunny original indie world. They celebrate a strong sense of community and equality in diversity.









Louey Hesterman and Whimsy

Veteran songwriter and guitarist Louey Hesterman along with Cora Browne, Christy Cooney and Cyril Moran and Ben rogers will be performing original songs from Louey's recent CD, together with recent and all time favourites.




Vince Brophy and Jim Brown

A continuation of their Anzac Story called "You

better not say that" . A lighter side with both Jim and Vince sitting at the talbe where they both realise there are songs and other stories to be told, but sometimes they need reminding that "you better not say that".

Vince will perform his own work at a concert and will also perform with Tony Newport.






Pico and the golden lagoon

Pico is a world traveller who flies around in a yellow bi-plane. On these adventures Pico is introduced to new eco ideas and innovations through the characters in the stories. Pico makes a crash landing on a nearby island. On this island Pico meets David, a marooned naturalist, who shows Pico the charms of the island. Pico meets many wonderful characters including Lou a dragon who lives in a cave at the edge of the lagoon. Does Lou guard the solution to Pico’s empty fuel tank? How will the story unfold? Join Pico and friends in the story of the golden lagoon.

Jacob & Laura

Jacob Boote and Laura Mead both hail from Tasmania's North West Coast. They have been playing together for four years. They have their own unique sound as a duo playing an assortment of resonator guitars and other stringed instruments incorporating soulful vocals and gentle harmonies. Laura's impeccable timing and hot rhythms allow Jacob to delve into amazing melodies and incredible feeling through bottle neck slide and traditional finger style swing, jazz and blues.


Jacob & Laura


Phil Beck





Phil Beck, Paul Stewart, Danny Spooner, Bob Sharp, Scotty Balfour and Bob Barford and Stan Gottschalk.

A themed Concert "A Sense of Place".

This collaboration between Paul Stewart and Phil Beck will focus on various places from Australia,the  British Isles, the Americas, and present songs that evoke a sense of the particular essence of each of them in a conceptual way.


Tony Newport

Born on Tasmania's west coast, Tony writes and sings about his life growing up in a mining town, about a spirit and history of the people and their brooding rugged rainforest home. He also writes of the contemporary and paradoxical events that shape and form our lives. Tony plays the Auto Harp and released his first CD Give me Grace in 2015. Tony will perform a show " The Pieman River Rag" with Vince Brophy and others.




Tony Newport






Dave Steel

Dave Steel is one of the best blues performers in the Country and we are delighted to welcome him back to Tamar Folk Festival. Dave started out as guitarist for Weddings, Parties, Anything before starting his solo career. Performing with some greats in the industry such as Archie Roach. Now living in Tasmania and performs with Tiffany Eckhardt. Performing Solo this trip.



Jim Brown - Festival Poet

In recent years Jim has branched out as a songwriter, and performer of classic Australian Bush Poetry and his own work, for which he has won several awards both in Tamworth and other competitions around Australia including the Bush Laureates Golden Gumleaf Award for recorded poetry. This is the most prestigious poetry award in Australia.

Catch Jim at the Poet's Breakfast on Sunday Morning (Jan 22nd).






Margie Brophy



Margies Kitchen

Back by popular demand, Margie will have the children cooking in the kitchen!Parent help is always welcome.Aprons are a good idea but not essential. Please register for this event at the office, as there is dietry and allergy form to fill out, granting permission for your child to participate.



Slow Cooked Goats

Michael kay performed at the very first Tamar Valley folk festival, playing banjo, fiddle and mandolin. Joy Coates has sung her way ‘round a bunch of traditional Irish songs as well as Old Time, Roots and originals. This year Michael and Joy have chosen to dedicate their bracket to Leonard Cohen,


Slow Cooked Goats



Miasma Belly Dancers

Ekstasis is an American Tribal Style (ATS) belly dance troupe based in Northern Tasmania, with many years of performance experience. Their shows have a colourful, earthy, gypsy feel and range from upbeat and folky to a more intense, dramatic style, featuring impressive use of props such as fire and swords. This group have received excellent feedback over the years, and have been described as ‘mesmerising’, ‘uplifting’ and ‘captivating’.


Miasma Belly Dancers



Neil Gardner


Neil Gardner

This year marks the 50th anniversary of when Neil began writing songs in Burnie back in 1967. Over the years he has developed his own unique style of story-telling, exploring many musical genres. His songs range in mood from the sublime to the ridiculous containing moments of tender lyrical sensitivity and moments of bizarre comic absurdity. Neil establishes a rapport with his audiences introducing his songs with comic narratives that are often every bit as entertaining as the songs themselves.


Felix Meagher

Melbourne based musician and founder of the Koroit Music School. Felix is also of the Movie "Australia" fame, as his music is featured in the film. Felix will be found all over the festival on his fiddle and this year will team up with Louey Hesterman to perform "Dualling Piano's". Dont' miss this opportunity to hear two great musicians.




Theresa Young

Theresa makes simple and sincere Australiana folk music- songs about people, communities, death, love, and all things honest. She plays a cittern guitar and sings, telling the stories of Tasmanian people and places, collecting and sharing songs from Celtic, American and Australian traditions. She won the 2016 Folk Federation of Tasmania's Song of the Year and People's Choice Award for ' Melton Mowbray '. She has played at the National Celtic Festival, National Folk Festival, Cygnet Folk Festival and was winner of the 2016 Cygnet Youth Blackboard Prize, also selected to be part of the 2016 Folk Alliance of Australia Youth Showcase.



Danny Spooner

Danny has been with the Tamar Valley Folk Festival since day one and we look foward to his perfomance every year. Danny is a traditional folk singer and social historian. Born in England, his passion is the expression of British and Australian culture through folk music.




Danny Spooner



Bob Sharp


Bob Sharp

"A wandering minstrel” who headed east then north to south thru’central west. Bob’s diverse journey is reflected in his spirited eclectic style, an impressive mix of original songs, together with blues ragtime and folk, both traditional and contemporary played adeptly on his well travelled Lowden guitar.


Bottom Pub Ceilidh Band

A long and flexible line up of local talent make up this band. They have played for many years at bush dances around the North. Come along to the dance Saturday early evening. Always good family fun.


Bottom Pub Ceildh Band



Mick Flanagan

Mick Flanagan

Mick comes from Glaway and via Bristol , then Sydney, Mt Isa, Kalgoolie etc to Franklin in '77. Writing songs along the way. Mick resides in George Town sings, plays button accordion and enjoys a good session. Mick will launch his new CD "From the family Circle" at the 2017 Festival



The New Holland Honey Eaters

Stan and Rebecca Gottshalk, Steve and Jane Ray . The New Holland Honey Eaters have been performing together for 29 years, specialising in rooots music from the broad tradition of the South-Eastern United States. They take great care to set their music firmly in its historical context and their concert brackets are sure to be both entertaining and informative. The group has delighted audiences at (amongst others) the National, Cygnet, Maldon and Tamar Valley Folk Festivals.

The Harrietville National Bluegrass and tradition Country Music Convention, Cluney Tunes and on ABC Radio National.



New Holland Honey Eaters





Seagrass is an all original Tasmanian acoustic band that combines blues with bluegrass. Tim Saunders (banjo, guitar, vocals)Rowlie Walker (mandolin, vocals)Mark Phillips (bass, vocals). The music style ranges from southern Mississippi swamp music with bottleneck guitar through to hard driving Scrugg's style 5 string banjo bluegrass.










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