2019 Programme

Friday 18th

12:00 pm

Festival Office open - Memorial Hall Macquarie St.

Online ticket sales: Please bring your official ticket with you to collect your wristband

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Door Sales available at the venue. Children free all events

Camping available. Please phone 0407313103 to reserve your site.

Please register at the office on arrival before setting up.

3.00 pm


Welcome Afternoon Tea in the Supper Room near our office, Memorial Hall. Join the George Town Soroptomists for a delicious and reasonably priced afternoon tea.

Our Festival Poet Jim Brown will entertain at the afternoon tea from 3.30Pm.


3:00 pm

Welcome session at The Pier Hotel.


7:00 pm

Welcome Concert - Memorial Hall

Bar in Supper Room opens 6.00

MC - Phil Beck

The Porch Syndicate

Claire Anne Taylor

Vince Brophy


Damien Leith

Innocent Eve

Jacob Boote

Weekend Tickets All Events


Door Sales $30

Sets 35 mins


Saturday 19th

Breakfast by George Town Lions - Memorial Hall Supper Room 8-00 am

10 am - 12:00 pm

Music in the Street - Macquarie Street

Meet our performers in and around the cafe's and shops. Join in the fun as you explore George Town and get a taste of the Festival. All musicians welcome to join in.

We have booked acts from this programme! Don't be shy.

Enjoy the Market, brought to you by George Town Junior Soccer Club . In the Park.

George Town Garden Club will have a plant stall and George Town Camera Club will be capturing the festivities


10:15 am


A Themed Concert by Tony Newport

York Cove Centre - Sorell St. (key 5 on your map)

Fathers - As seen through the eyes of a son

And through the songs of: Kris Kristofferson, Leonard Cohen, Jimmy Buffet, Warren Zevon, Johnny Cash, Harry Belafonte, Roseanne Cash, Eric Burdon, Rani Arbo and Judy Garland. I am from that generation where the men of the immediate post war were our fathers. Men of a different era. This is not so much about their songs as the songs that we grew up with - that evoke our fathers - the good and the bad - and their passing. And for all that - that they remain our fathers.


10:15 -12 pm

Fun for kids in the Park with Launceston PCYC

Behind Memorial Hall

Activities and fun for Kids of all ages in a safe , well organised environment.

Taiko Drummers will perform at this event Children and Adults will be invited to drum.


The Sands Family Circus will perform in the Park behind the Market at approximately


Bella Book Worm will be found reading under a tree. Enjoy a story or two.

11:00 am

Themed Concert - By Hetty Binns

Bass and Flinders Centre - Elizabeth St. ( code 4 on your map)

Songbirds of the 60s and 70s

This themed concert celebrates the songs written by and/or performed by a number of female folk artists of the 1960s and 1970s, such as Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell and Buffy St Marie.


Door Sales $20

Weekend tickets all Events all Weekend, Day tickets all events that day

Refreshments available for sale at the Deck Cafe


11.00 am

Guitar Workshop - By Chris O

Messing with the Modals - Open tunings for Folk and Blues Guitar

Chris will show how to flip between Folk and Blues.

Yacht Club Code 6 on your map




12:15 pm


Creative Writing Workshop - By Jim Brown

Yacht Club - Code 6 on your map

Jim shows how Australian verse is still a powerful communication tool for anyone of any age who has a message to tell. Jim Brown’s workshops teach skills used in writing good verse are the same for song lyrics, in fact for all forms of writing - examinations essays, business memos, speeches, press releases, etc. Jim believes creative writing is not beyond anyone- The techniques can be quickly learned and have not changed for centuries.

Entry $15


Weekend Tickets -All Events all weekend,Day tickets all events that day

60 mins

10 - 12

U3A Ukulele Group-West Tamar will perform at Music in the Street

A Group of 10-14 Ukulele players will play and sing a variety of music types and styles from early jazz to popular music.

Miasma Belly Dancers will perform at Music in the Street.


12.45 pm

A themed Concert By Phil Beck, Paul Stewart, Bob Barford, Bob Sharp, Alex Green, Stan Gottshalk on Slide

York Cove Centre - Sorell St. (key 5 on your map)

Lucifer's Lair

Designed to reflect the ambivalent attitude of coal miners to their work. On the one hand, coal mining was brutal and dangerous. Death could be as quick as a tunnel collapse or as slow as black lung disease, but either way an early death was an occupational hazard. In some areas, miners lived in coal company houses and bought food at company stores which siphoned off what little money they had. Despite the hazards and exploitation by greedy mine owners, mining often ‘got into the blood’ of the miner and many worked there by choice. Witness the words of the songwriters: ‘it will form as a habit’, ‘I love the rumble and I love the dark’, ‘friendships shall remain’. More often than not, however, the most evocative songs were those expressing struggle, tragedy, pain, anguish and anger.

Door Sales $20 ( included in weekend or day ticket)


Weekend tickets all Events all weekend, Day tickets all events that day

90 mins

1:00 pm


Music in the Dining Room - Pier Hotel diners only guest appearance by Felix Meagher


1:00 pm


Singing Session at the Pier Hotel


1:15 pm

Festival Choir Rehearsal - Wendy Ealey and Moira Tyers - Choir Leaders

Graham Fairless Hall - Memorial Hall Complex

All Welcome

Singers required! Open to everyone who loves singing.

Come join in the fun! We present the songs at the final concert Sunday.

No charge for this workshop but entry ticket to Sunday Concert required.



2.30 pm

Damien Leith in Concert

Performing Solo hits, Favourites, Lost Treasures and New Works

Dont miss this amazing concert! Book early.

On line weekend ticket sales, ensure a reserved front section seat at this concert.


Our support Act is the amazing Tiffany Eckhardt together with Dave Steele on guitar and Ross Smithard on Fiddle

Tickets $50 available on line

Weekend tickets all Events all weekend, Day tickets all Events that day


7:00 pm

Family Dance - Graham Fairless Hall -Memorial Hall Complex

Bottom Pub Ceilidh Band with Tony Northey. A friendly and informal dance where children are welcome to join in.

Door Sales $15

*Children free with adult


7:00 pm

Saturday Evening Concert - Memorial Hall

Bar opens in Supper Room at 6.00pm

New Holland Honey Eaters

Jacob Boote

Innocent Eve


Lee Nelson

Chris O

Heart Collectors


Door Sales $30


Weekend Tickets all Events all weekend , Day tickets all Events that day

sets 35 mins

7:00 pm

Saturday Evening Concert - York Cove Centre

Sorell St. (key code 5 on map)


Mathew Dames and Anna Talbot

The Dixie Chooks

Vince Brophy


The Porch Syndicate

Tiffany Eckhardt with Dave Steele and Ross Smithard

Scott Haigh

(Sets 35 minutes)

Tea and coffee available for sale

Door Sales $30


Weekend Tickets all Events, Day tickets All Events that day

sets 35 mins


Sunday 20th


Breakfast in the Memorial Hall Supper Room by George Town Lions 8-10am

9:00 am

Poet's Breakfast - Memorial Hall (Supper Room)

JIM BROWN, our Festival Poet 2019 will host the breakfast this year.

Come along and present your poem or dine in and enjoy the poetry.

Always great fun!

Special thanks to George Town Lions Club for preparing and selling our breakfast at such a reasonable cost.


10:30 am

New Holland Honey Eaters - Themed Concert

York Cove Centre Sorell St. (key code 5 on your map)

Fiddle Tunes and A Hard God

In recent years there has been an explosion of interest in Appalachian music worldwide. In this concert, Fiddle Tunes and a Hard God, the Band takes a look at that place called Appalachia. Using songs, tunes slide images and vibrant radio format, they will talk about why the Scots- Irish, Germans and English came and settled there, what the social and economic forces were that shaped their lives and how all of this produced a vibrant music that develpled into the phenomenon we see today.

Door Sales $20


Weekend Tickets include all Events All Weekend

Day tickets all Events that Day


10:30 am Children's Ukulele Workshop by Joy Coates

Graham Failess Hall - Memorial Hall Complex

For absolute beginners a fun worshop by Joy. 10 Ukulele's available bring your own if you have one.

No charge


11:00 am

Fun for Kids in the Park with Bella The Book Worm

Find Bella Under a tree behind the Memorial Hall. Enjoy a story or two.



11:00 am

A Themed Concert by Sea Grass

Bass and Flinders Centre Elizabeth St . Code 4 on your map

A 19th Century Sailing Journey to the Australian Goldfields

Songs depicting perils and adventures of sailing to the Gold fields of Australia in the 19th Century,

Approx 75 mins

Door Sales $20


Wekend Tickets, all Events all weekend, Day ticket all Events that day

refreshments available for sale from the Deck Cafe


11:45 am


A Themed Concert By Alex Myers with Neil Gardner, Hetty Binns and Sue Lee Archer

Yacht Club Code 6 on your map

Ballads and Broadsides - News Stories From The Distant Past

The ballad form predated written news and was a structured and easily remembered way to tell a story. This themed concert presents a collection of songs drawn the English and Scottish folk traditions, with themes from murder and mayhem to unrequited love, and even occasional happy ending.


Door Sales $20


Weekend Tickets All Events all Weekend, Day tickets all Events that day



11:30 - 1 pm

Music in the Park

Bandstand Regent Square - Behind Memorial Hall

Featuring Artists from the Festival and guests

Special guests Maggie and Jack Taylor .

Tasmanian siblings, singer songwriters , local artists create their own special sound.


Take a moment to sit on the grass and enjoy the fresh air!

Pick up some food and drink and join us in the park for some music and entertainment

The Bandstand Area. Bring a rug.

Free Event


1:00 pm

Singing Session - Pier Hotel Verandah


1:30 pm

Farewell Concert - Memorial Hall


Mathew Dames and Anna Talbot

The Dixie Chooks

Tiffany Eckhardt with Dave Steele and Ross Smithard


Heart Collectors

Chris O

The Festival Choir with Wendy Ealey and Moira Tyers (15-20 mins)

Farewell by Phil Beck


All sets 35 mins unless otherwise specified

Door Sales $30


Weekend Tickets All Events All Weekend, Day tickets all Events that day





Session at The Pier Hotel

Join us for a great session to celebrate and say farewell to new and old friends of the festival.