2020 Programme

Friday 17th

12:00 pm

Festival Office open - Memorial Hall Macquarie St.

Online ticket sales: Please bring your official ticket with you to collect your wristband

Weekend tickets take you in to all Events,all weekend. Day tickets - all events on that day.

Door Sales available at the venue. Children free all events

Camping available. Please phone 0407 313 103 to reserve your site.

Please register at the office on arrival before setting up.

3.00 pm


Welcome Afternoon Tea in the Supper Room near our office, Memorial Hall. A delicious and reasonably priced afternoon tea on sale by George town Soroptimist Club.

Our Festival Poet Irish Joe Lynch will entertain at the afternoon tea from 3.30Pm.


3:00 pm

Welcome session at The Pier Hotel.

Come join in the fun with a relaxing drink on the front Verandah.


7:00 pm

Welcome Concert - Memorial Hall

Bar in Supper Room opens 6.00pm


MC - Phil Beck


Play it Martha

Steve Turner

Keith Potger


Echo Deer

Claire Anne Taylor

Nick Charles

Weekend Tickets All Events or Door Sales $30

Sets 35 mins


Saturday 18th

Breakfast by George Town Lions - Memorial Hall Supper Room 8-00 am

10 am - 12:00 pm

Music in the Street - Macquarie Street

Meet our performers in and around the cafe's and shops. Join in the fun as you explore George Town and get a taste of the Festival. All musicians welcome to join in.

We have booked acts from this programme! Don't be shy.

Enjoy the Market, brought to you by Bee Bop Dance School.

Sea Grass Will perform at music in the Street


10:15 am


A Themed Concert by Tony Newport with Vince Brophy

York Cove Centre - Sorell St. (key 5 on your map)

This Land: The official launch of Tony's second album.

Original songs and stories from The West,The Heartland,The Island,The Gallery. The Soul and from the Here and the hereafter.

Fresh, different and engaging.

60 mins

10:15 am



11 am



Maypole with Molly - A free, fun activity .

Come dance around the Maypole

Behind Memorial Hall

fun for Kids of all ages in a safe , well organised environment.


Taiko Drummers - Regent Square


The Sands Family Circus will perform in the Park near the Market

lots of interactive fun for the children.


10:30 am

Themed Concert - By Hetty Binns

Bass and Flinders Centre - Elizabeth St. ( code 4 on your map)

Love and Other Stories

A presentation of songs telling various types of love- be it romantic love ,lost love, Parental love, Love of the environment , love of the bottle.


Door Sales $20

Weekend tickets: entry to all Events all Weekend, Day tickets all events that day



11.30 am

Themed Concert - By Michael Manhire

Bass and Flinders Centre- Elizabeth St.( code 4 on your map)

Tales and Tunes from Around the World

Telling Stories at home, in the tavern, the coffee shop and around the fire has entertained and enthralled people since the earliest days. Legends from the past ages ,heroic sagas, love stories, tales of monsters, fairies and dragons, ethical tales and much more. Michael will present a few favourites from the Celts, the Orient, the Arab world, Africa and the Pacific. Stories that still resonate with us today.

Door Sales $20

or included in weekend or Day ticket
60 Mins.



12:00 pm


Themed Concert- TWA Cronies

Yacht Club - Code 6 on your map

Never Turning Back

Kerrie Maguire & Margaret Walters have known each other for 40 years, singing together many times sharing a love of unaccompanied songs and harmony. Margaret has more of a preference for traditional forms of folk songs and shanties, and Kerrie is drawn towards contemporary writers and also sings her original compositions.

Door sales $20


Weekend Tickets -All Events all weekend,Day tickets all events that day

60 mins

10 - 12

U3A Ukulele Group - West Tamar will perform at Music in the Street

A Group of 10-14 Ukulele players will play and sing a variety of music types and styles from early jazz to popular music.

Miasma Belly Dancers will perform at Music in the Street and run a workshop in the park at 11.30



12:30 pm

Taiko Drummers - Regent Square
12.45 pm

A themed Concert By Phil Beck, Paul Stewart, Bob Barford, Scott Balfour, Bob Sharp, Don Bruce and Sean Roche &, Stan Gottshalk on Slide

York Cove Centre - Sorell St. (key 5 on your map)

Songs of Separation

In their never ending quest for subjects suitable for bringing unusual and interesting songs to the Tamar Valley Folk Festival, Paul and Phil, in the light of current phenomena - Brexit, elites and their divergence from the main stream, whether Australia should separate from the UK, their ( Paul's and Phil's ) ever increasing separation from reality etc - decide to focus on songs of separation. The presentation includes music which encourages you, their loyal audience, to ditch politically charged thinking in favour of human responses to the emotional
and personal reactions to separation, whether good or bad, as they occur in all our lives.

Door Sales $20 ( included in weekend or day ticket) or Weekend tickets all Events all weekend, Day tickets all events that day

90 mins





Music in the Dining Room - Pier Hotel diners only.

Miasma Belly dancers

Guest appearance by Ewan Baker and Pat Evans


1:00 pm


Singing Session at the Pier Hotel - On the Verandah


1:15 pm

Festival Choir Rehearsal - Cora Browne Choir Leader 2020

Graham Fairless Hall - Memorial Hall Complex

This year we will perform a Tribute of Seekers Songs.

All Welcome

Singers required! Open to everyone who loves singing.

Come join in the fun! We present the songs at the final concert Sunday.

No charge for this workshop but entry ticket to Sunday Concert required.



2.30 pm

Keith Potger in Concert

Memorial Hall Macquarie St.

Founding Member of the Seekers

Some timeless favourites from the Seekers, a touch of Nashville,some beautiful original ballads from his three Solo albums and a few hits from the 60s-to 80s that appeal to those who grew up Playing Seekers Albums at home or in the car. Keith will share some amusing anecdotes from over 50 years on the International Scene.


Our support Act for Keith's Concert : Innocent Eve

Singer Songwriting Sisters with poetic Lyrics,powerful voices and perfect harmonies. Turning heads on Main Stages across Australia.

Tickets $40 available on line

or included in

Weekend tickets all Events all weekend, Day tickets all Events that day


7:00 pm

Family Dance - Graham Fairless Hall -Memorial Hall Complex

Bottom Pub Ceilidh Band with Tony Northey. A friendly and informal dance where children are welcome to join in.

Door Sales $15

*Children welcome, free with adult


7:00 pm

Saturday Evening Concert - Memorial Hall

Bar opens in Supper Room at 6.00pm

MC - Forte


Claire Anne Taylor

Echo Deer

Kieran O'Connell


Danny and Dana

Lucie Thorne

Matthew Dames and Anna Talbot


Door Sales $30 or Weekend Tickets all Events all weekend, Day tickets all Events that day.

Sets 35 mins

7:00 pm

Saturday Evening Concert - York Cove Centre

Sorell St. (key code 5 on map)

MC- Irish Joe Lynch


Innocent Eve

Steve Turner

Nick Charles


Play It Martha

Seamus Gill

Sean Roche

(Sets 35 minutes)

Tea and coffee available for sale

Door Sales $30


Weekend Tickets all Events, Day tickets All Events that day

sets 35 mins


Sunday 19th


Breakfast in the Memorial Hall Supper Room by George Town Lions 8-10am

9:00 am

Poet's Breakfast - Memorial Hall (Supper Room)

Irish Joe Lynch - Our Festival Poet 2020 .

Come along and present your poem or dine in and enjoy the poetry.

Always great fun!

Special thanks to George Town Lions Club for preparing and selling our breakfast at such a reasonable cost.


10:00 am

Maypole with Molly - Regent Square

Enjoy dancing around the Maypole

10:30 am

New Holland Honey Eaters - Themed Concert

York Cove Centre Sorell St. (key code 5 on your map)

Farm and Fun Time
Earlier this year, Stan discovered a half-brother, whose uncle Roy was mandolinist in a Bristol, Tennessee string band called "The Tennessee Hilltoppers". They performed a show called "Farm and Fun Time" on Bristol's WCYB from 1938 through to the 1950s. We took that title as inspiration, and while we are not trying to reproduce the original show, we are trying to give you the feel of those early live-to-air broadcasts that saw bands produce amazing content under extreme time pressure. Given my distant connection to the original show, we have borrowed the name, and we hope that WCYB will forgive us. The songs you’ll hear are mostly of the period, and the sponsors’ ads, crazy as they sound, are the real thing. We take full responsibility for the jokes, which are, of course, corny.

Door Sales $20 or Weekend Tickets include all Events All Weekend

Day tickets all Events that Day

10.30 am Children's Ukulele Workshop by Joy Coates

Graham Failess Hall - Memorial Hall Complex

For absolute beginners a fun worshop by Joy. 10 Ukulele's available bring your own if you have one.

No charge


10:30 am

A Themed Concert By Alex Myers - Songs of the Sea
Yacht club Venue 6 on your map

From Grimsby to Nova Scotia, from Liverpool to Hobart Town, songs of sailors, fishermen, mermaids, whalers and the odd lighthouse.

Alex will be joined by Neil Gardner, Hetty Binns and International Guest Steve Turner

This themed presentation will be given in memory of departed shipmates, Malcolm Turnbull and Danny Spooner.



Door Sales $20 or Weekend Tickets All Events all Weekend, Day tickets all Events that day

11:00 am

Danicng for Fun with Bee Bop

Children's fun at the Rotunda behind the Memorial Hall

11.30 am


Workshop by Forte

Authenticity, Mindfulness,Compassion with Forte, using meditation, visualisation and group sharing. We will explore courage, observe our own thoughts and learn about forgiveness.

Limited numbers of 12.

Reserve by calling Chris on 0407313103

Venue to be advised on booking.



11:30 am

Themed Presentation by Vince Brophy and Tony Newport


Bass and Flinders Centre Elizabeth St . Code 4 on your map

Time and Place

What makes a good subject for a song? What inspires and where do the stories come from? Vince and Tony will take you on a journey through for of their compositions. Preceding each song will be a live interview with those whose stories provide these key sources of inspiration. If you enjoy storeytelling. a sense of theatre and a good song come along and lose yourself for an hour in a muse deeply anchored in a distinctly Tasmanian Time and Place.

Door Sales $20 or Weekend Tickets, all Events all weekend, Day ticket all Events that day

11:30 - 1 pm

Music in the Park

Bandstand Regent Square - Behind Memorial Hall

Featuring : Phil Beck,Bob Sharp,Scotty Balfour,Bob Barford, Sean Roche

Take a moment to sit on the grass and enjoy the fresh air!

Pick up some food and drink and join us in the park for some music and entertainment

The Bandstand Area. Bring a rug.

Free Event


1:00 pm

Singing Session - Pier Hotel Verandah


1:30 pm

Farewell Concert - Memorial Hall

MC Stan Gottschalk



Danny and Dana

Mick Flanagan


Innocent Eve

Kieran O'Connell

The Festival Choir with Cora Browne (15-20 mins

Farewell by Phil Beck


All sets 35 mins unless otherwise specified

Door Sales $30


Weekend Tickets All Events All Weekend, Day tickets all Events that day


Session at The Pier Hotel

Join us for a great session to celebrate and say farewell to new and old friends of the festival.